Customer Story

ProActive Hazmat

ProActive Hazmat specializes in asbestos removal, vermiculite removal and mould remediation for commercial and residential in the Vancouver area. They have been in operation for close to five years, have 10 foremen and are constantly busy. “We are in the safety business. Our job is to do whatever is unsafe for anyone else to do,” says Brian Gibson, Owner of ProActive Hazmat and Environmental Ltd., “We partner closely with Worksafe BC, we implement their directives and we make sure the job sites are safe.”

Pro Active Hazmat holds a Worksafe BC Certificate of Recognition (COR), which recognizes excellent occupational health and safety practices. To maintain that certification, ProActive must be able to prove preventative maintenance of company vehicles.

The challenge –Vehicle safety vs. non-stop schedule

ProActive company vans have to be safe to drive. Being constantly busy, they struggled to schedule vehicle services and inspections. “Our clients expect a quick response, a quick turn-around and it’s non-stop. The schedule is always changing. Before we partnered with fleetrio as our mobile auto mechanics, we would often schedule a vehicle for service and then have to cancel,” says Jake Shewchuck, Warehouse Manager at ProActive. “We would book on a Wednesday to take a van in for service on Friday, and on Thursday a job would come up and we’d have to cancel the service.” ProActive also tried booking vehicles services after hours, but found that their staff missed appointments. For whatever reason, services just weren’t getting done on time. 


The solution – fleetrio

ProActive found fleetrio online and saw the potential for using a mobile mechanic to keep on schedule with preventative maintenance. “I saw that having [a mechanic] come to us, wherever we are working to do the oil changes and inspections would be a great service,” says Gibson. ProActive decided to give fleetrio a try with a simple L1 Service – including oil change and multi-point inspection – on three company vans while they were on a job site. Since then, fleetrio has serviced 13 vehicles and continues to return regularly for follow up services. Wrench Patrol technicians have worked their magic for ProActive’s vehicle fleet on the job site, at ProActive clients’ locations, in a residential area and at a public parking lot.

ProActive provided WrenchPatrol with a detailed fleet list, so it is easy to book – just by sending an email with the van number, the location and a time range.

Great return on investment

“The experience has been great,” says Shewchuck. “In less than six weeks, fleetrio has serviced all of our vehicles and I now have a report that shows where we stand with each of them. I’ve never been able to do that.” ProActive Hazmat foremen appreciate how patient and efficient fleetrio mechanics have been. Inspection reports, signed by a certified technician are emailed to the office, eliminating the risk of lost paperwork